During the Academic Year Component, Upward Bound offers the following services:
  • Academic Advising 

  • College Prep Guidance 

  • Tutoring Services 

  • SAT/PSAT/ACT Test Preparation Classes 

  • Opportunities to tour colleges and universities in Oregon, Washington, and California.

  • Cultural and social enrichment activities

  • Assistance with college selection, admissions, and financial aid

  • Bus Transportation provided for selected events

Summer Component: 

  • College prep courses in Math, Science, Language, Composition, and Computer Literacy. 

  • The opportunity to experience college life while living on OSU’s campus

  • Leadership and Team Building Skills development 

  • Academic advising, mentoring, and tutoring.

  • Educational, social, and cultural enrichment activities

  • Community service projects.

Academic Services

Academic services provided by the program include classroom instructions and tutoring assistance in English, reading, mathematics, science, foreign language, social studies and elective classes.

Career Exploration

Workshops, Conferences, Guest Speakers, Job shadowing and much more.

College Tours & Cultural Enrichment

Field trips are provided to increase students' awareness of their environment and college admissions requirements. College tours provide a context for higher education, exposure to majors, campus life and college selection. 

Guidance & Counseling Services

These are provided to assist students in making educational and career decisions.


In order to receive the annual stipend, the participant must show evidence of satisfactory participation in program activities which include: regular attendance and improvement in academic performance.


Transportation to and from College Tours, special activities, and Cultural Enrichment activities is provided for participants by the Upward Bound Program.