TRIO SSS is a selective program open to undergraduate OSU students who are:

  • First-generation college students (neither parent has a 4 year college degree); and/or
  • Documented disabilities



Applications are accepted throughout the year for students admitted to OSU and meet the SSS admission requirements. New OSU first year and transfer students who are admitted during fall term will be considered for admission to TRIO starting in May and will automatically be enrolled in the TRIO Summer Bridge Program which is offered in September before the beginning of classes. All other applicants will be placed on a waiting list and contacted once space becomes available.

Download and complete the TRIO application or fill out the Online application.



TRIO programs outside of OSU can refer students to our program by downloading and submitting theTRIO Referral Form to any of the TRIO academic counselors listed on the Faculty & Staff page, or by submitting the Online TRIO Referral form.


                 After being accepted into the SSS Program, students have access to the following student services free of charge:

  • Academic Counseling - Participants will receive a variety of comprehensive academic support services from their assigned TRIO academic counselor .

  • Tutoring & Peer Mentorship - Students looking to achieve academic success in their courses are eligible for free one-on-one peer or small group tutoring with SSS Tutors. Peer mentors also provide a leadership perspective on how to navigate the campus. Through shared experiences, peer mentors will guide you to academic and personal success on the OSU Campus.

  • Student Success Workshops- Success seminars are informative sessions that enhance students' capacity for learning and foster academic, personal, and professional success.

  • Career and Professional Development- Students receive guidance in academic and career exploration. We also provide individual or group guidance with resume writing, interview assistance, job search strategies, and other support that will help students plan a successful transition from the university setting to a rewarding career.

  • Assistance with Financial Aid and Scholarship Processes - In conjunction with the Oregon State University Financial Aid Office, we are able to provide FAFSA assistance to help students complete their financial aid application. SSS Staff and peer mentors are also available to assist with the scholarship process.

  • Service & Leadership Initiatives - Students interested in service and leadership are given the opportunity to participate in local and regional service initiatives. Students can also attend culturally competent leadership seminars designed to prepare students to lead in a multicultural and global society.

  • Social and Cultural Enrichment Activities - Students looking to expand their college experience beyond the classroom are welcome to join us for a variety of social and cultural events designed to build community and foster an appreciation and awareness of diversity.

  • Student Lounge equipped with iMac's and free printing - Participants have aninformal learning space equipped with a Smart TV, Apple TV, headphones, computers and free printing.

  • Term-long check-out of Dell laptops, Chromebooks& Calculators - Participants of our program have access to laptop computers and calculators, and are allowed to check them out on a term by term basis (based on availability).

  • Advocacy and Support- SSS provides students the support needed to complete their studies and assists participants in maneuvering through the university system.