• We have a loan repayment worksheet intended students.  We strongly encourage you to complete the worksheet that best fits your situation, and to discuss it with your TRIO SSS Academic Counselor. The worksheets walk you through your loans, salary estimates for your career, using the Federal Student Loan Repayment Estimator to understand what repayment options you have and what the implications of choosing one option over another might be, the impact of paying extra on your loans, loan forgiveness, interest capitalization, and more. It's best to complete this worksheet as early as possible in your college experience, and save and update it each year until graduation. 
  • (Links to an external site.) - Do you know how much student debt you have? Check this website and log in with your FSA ID (FAFSA login) to find your federal student loan information. If you have other loans, you might consider checking your credit report to give a fuller picture of your current debt.
  • Repayment Estimator (Links to an external site.) for Federal Student Aid