Intro to student loan repayment options





We strongly encourage you to complete one of these worksheets, and to discuss it with your TRIO SSS Academic Counselor. The worksheets walk you through your loans, salary estimates for your career, using the Federal Student Loan Repayment Estimator to understand what repayment options you have and what the implications of choosing one option over another might be, the impact of paying extra on your loans, loan forgiveness, interest capitalization, and more. 

National Student Loan Data System - Do you know how much student debt you have? Check this website to find your federal student loan information.

Repayment Estimator for Federal Student Aid 

Loan Calculator (1 loan at a time, for private, auto, or other loans)

Download the Excel sheet from this site, then input your loan and it'll automatically show you your loan information (including the amortization schedule which basically lets you see how much you'll pay in any month and how much of that will go towards interest vs. principle). You can also put in an extra monthly payment, or an extra one time or varying payment to see how that changes your loan in the end.