Cody Yeager
TRiO Upward Bound & Beaver Hangouts Director
110 Snell Hall, Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Phone: 541-737-6422
Cody Yeager has worked in higher education in Oregon for over 20 years, mainly with underserved populations and students in rural areas.  Cody spent seven years working on Native reservations and has also worked inside prison walls, as well as spending 20 years in the US Army and Air Force Reserve. She was a first generation college student and holds a bachelor's degree, as well as three master's degrees.  Her passion is helping students realize that the dream of college can become a reality.
Maria Solis-Camarena
Educational Counselor
TRiO- Upward Bound Program 
Oregon State University 
Phone: 541-967-4522

I moved to Oregon from Tucson, Arizona in 2015. A proud Wildcat; I graduated from The University of Arizona. During my years there I became involved with the TRiO SSS Program as a student participant, until my junior year when I began working for the program as a peer mentor. My senior year I became the program’s Student Coordinator and worked alongside all student staff. After graduating, I continued working to help first-generation students achieve their higher education goals through the Gear Up Project. I Eventually returned to work for TRiO with the Upward Bound Program at Pima Community College. During the time I worked there I attained a Master’s in Educational Leadership, from Northern Arizona University.As I now embark on a new journey with OSU’s Upward Bound Program at South Albany High School, I look forward to help build and connect students to new opportunities.