The TRIO-SSS First Year Students Success course is designed to ease the transition to college by providing technological and academic skills, as well as knowledge of resources and the information necessary to be successful students and productive citizens. In this class students will learn the importance of self-reliance and the skills necessary to be self-sufficient at OSU.

First-year students who've been admitted as participants of the TRiO-SSS program are required to take this course their first Fall term at OSU.

COURSE OBJECTIVES – At the end of this course, students will:

  1. Identify OSU resources available to them as they transition into their roles as students to becoming successful in college.
  2. Demonstrate technological competency in regards to relevant academic websites and apps
  3. Recognize the value of clarifying their interests, personal goals, and learn how these relate to different majors, careers and opportunities in academia
  4. Identify financial literacy skills to make informed financial choices for college and beyond.